I want to let you know how I'm going and say thank you!

Music is helping me mitigate the effects of this awful disease.

When I started singing lessons nearly three years ago and was invited to do a solo in a concert, I was barely able to stand, so shaky were my legs. I certainly couldn’t hold a microphone and had to concentrate really hard to even use the one on the stand in front of me.

I have really practiced my singing, hard and constantly, marrying the exercises with the ones from my speech therapy sessions recommended by the InfoLine team at Parkinson’s NSW. 
Last month I finally felt confident enough to do a concert solo. No trembling, no shaky microphone and a strong clear voice. It’s a miracle! I’m now looking for an opportunity for some musical theatre.

As you know, this is not how I expected to spend my retirement. My plan was to sail around the south Pacific! But Parkinson’s came along and forced me to readjust my dreams.

My right hand shakes. It’s hard to keep my balance and my body freezes when I want to take a step. I’m tired and I'm sick to death of eating tablets all the time. But I realised the other day I hadn’t thought about Parkinson’s for months.

got it, but it’s not stopping me. I say that I don't have Parkinson's - I live with it.

I can no longer sail but I can sing… and paint and write. I’ve recently recorded
three albums and published a children’s book. There’s always an opportunity to progress, no matter how dark the days.

And anything I do is more successful, more comfortable, because I’ve had so much support from Parkinson’s NSW.

The team at Parkinson's NSW answered my questions, gave me knowledge and put me in touch with all the people I needed. From speech pathologists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, and physiotherapists to massage therapists.

When I call, they're there to help me and my wife Andrea too. Because of you we feel more confident about the future and reassured we’re doing the right things.

Thank you for helping people like us.