Growing impact over 2020/21

Life during the pandemic has been tougher than ever for people living with Parkinson’s and their carers. Our services were also harder to provide, as our staff had to adjust our methods of service delivery. But your help meant we could rise to the challenge, and safely offer people essential support:

2,237 InfoLine calls were answered, providing information and referrals to people living with Parkinson’s and their caregivers.
52% more InfoLine packs were mailed, distributing vital information direct to people’s homes.
5 Parkinson’s Specialist Nurses were supported, travelling a total of 39,096 kilometres and participating in 938 Telehealth consultations to give people vital guidance and help.
72 Support groups offered more than 2,500 participants valuable peer-support in cities and regional areas – including online via Facebook and Zoom video-chat sessions.
914 individual counselling sessions and 114 group sessions were conducted, 63% by telephone and 16% by video-chat.
104 Parkinson’s personal training sessions were conducted by our Exercise Physiologist, and 22 exercise videos were produced to keep people moving helping to relieve their physical symptoms when personal contact wasn't possible.